6th km Nat. Road Trikala - Karditsa, Trikala
This is the main factory of the Company, hosting 6 production lines for biscuits with a total maximum annual capacity of 12,500 tons, 1 production line for filled wafers with an annual capacity of 800 tons and 1 bran flakes and corn flakes production line with a maximum capacity of 2,000 tons per year. Currently, the factory is under expansion to incorporate additional building facilities where 1 more production line for filled biscuits and crackers will be installed. This factory is the Group’s flagship facility. After the completion of the above mentioned investments, its total maximum annual capacity will exceed 16,500 tons.

Athens Distribution Center
Kymis Avenue & Kerasias 19, Acharnes
Our Athens Distribution Center supplies the Attica Basin, the Peloponnese and the Aegean Islands. It has a total storage capacity of 1,400 pallets and operates as a direct branch of VIOLANTA in Athens.
Thessaloniki Distribution Center
Papadiamanti 21, Kalohori
Our Thessaloniki Distributor Center supplies central Macedonia and the islands of North East Aegean Sea. It also serves as an inter-Balkan groupage redistribution hub for exports mainly towards Bulgaria, Serbia and Romania. It has a total storage capacity of 1,500 pallets and operates as a direct branch of VIOLANTA.
Central Greece Distribution Center
6th km Nat. Road Trikala - Karditsa, Trikala
Our Central Greece Distribution Center is located within the premises of VIOLANTA and supplies Thessaly, Western Macedonia, Epirus and Western Central Greece. At the same time, this distribution center serves as a storage and loading point for the largest part of VIOLANTA's export activity, while also supplying VIOLANTA's branches in the Greek territory. It has a total storage capacity of 1,800 pallets. With the completion of the building extensions that are on progress, its total storage capacity will exceed 3,200 pallets.
Head Offices
6th km Trikala - Karditsa National Road, 42100, Trikala
24310 43090
24310 43539
Larissa Factory
The Eco Friendly Biscuit Factory
14th km Larissa - Makryhori, 40006 Larissa
2410 541070
Athens Branch
Kymis Avenue & Kerasias 19, 13677, Acharnes
210 8395110
210 8395111
Thessaloniki Branch
Papadiamanti 21, 57009, Kalochori Thessaloniki
2310 789646
2310 755696
финансовый прогресс

В последние несколько лет наша компания успешно процветающего рост экономического статуса. В прошлом году закрыты самые лучшие впечатления.

Сочетание нового продвижения продукции, трудолюбие и прекрасных отношений с нашими партнерами, с ростом наших международных операций, привело нас к еще более позитивные признаки.


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