The Company


We have entered the 21st century carrying years of proven experience and know how in the industry of cookies, buns and pies.

Our history starts from a neighborhood bakery located in the city of Trikala at the center of Greece.
Over the years we have developed and grown our product range, adding many different flavors and there for we have succeeded to satisfy the demand of our market.Today we possess a wide range of 130 products, gaining the reputation of a quality and inspirational producer of cookies and biscuits, with potential for large-scale production, but always keeping our top quality standards.


In VIOLANTA we fully believe in long-term cooperation with our value chain, the esteem consumers of our products, customers / distributors, our employees and our suppliers.

Having as a reference point and guide our professional attitude and reputation we operate in compliance of high standards in all pre and post production stages as well as in respect to social responsibility ethics.
We ensure this long-term cooperation by building a win-win relationship based on our consistency, our commitment to professionalism, our integrity and our excellent performance in everything we do.