Human Resources

Cookies production is a field in which we have excellent knowledge and we intend to remain active in the long future.
In our goals essentially contributes our highly trained and experienced personnel, within company's management, marketing and public relations, production, distribution and exports departments.

Our Management

VIOLANTA has a strong team of senior executives with an academic background in the fields of business administration, sales and marketing, human resource management, information technology, management, production, finance and accounting, logistics and in general for all operational structures.
Οur long time activation in the industry of biscuits and cookies production  sets an  excellent  combination of practical experience, expertise and a high level of academic education all under the same vision, the complete satisfaction of our esteem customers.

Our Personnel

We aim to offer to all our employees a working environment that inspires and enhances their performance and the feeling of pride for their work.
We have kept our calmness trying to be unbiased form the sluggish economic situation, choosing to keep our dedicated and loyal staff, to further rationalize our operating costs and simultaneously increase our efficiency without loosening at all our commitment to quality.